Embrace Your Warrior Spirit!


In 2000, we created a company that combined tradition with innovation, emphasizing self-defense and self-discovery over competition. Instead of focusing solely on appearance, we emphasize inner development.

Here at JT Taekwondo/Karate Kickboxing and Fitness, our goal is to build strength, confidence, and discipline through each vigorous hour of training at JT Taekwondo/Karate Kickboxing and Fitness.

JT Taekwondo/Karate Kickboxing and Fitness is committed to developing your warrior spirit into a feeling of physical &  mental strength – combined with a winning mindset, both in the Martial Arts School & in the real world. 

Put your heart into your self-defense, and you’ll find all this and so much more. 

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.

Are you looking to bring out your best self? Are you looking to embrace your warrior spirit?

Here at JT Taekwondo / Karate Kickboxing & Fitness, we will help you transform your mind & body into a place of strength.

Both in martial arts & in life – when you put your heart into self-defense, you will find out so much.

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Student Reviews

"We just started our new journey here. It’s a great place where they treat you like family. Master is very chill, and great at communicating with the students and parents. My kids love it here."
Jazmin L.
"Lucky to have found this place! I enjoy my personal training sessions and as sore as I get the following day I look forward to my next! The price is great, honestly the cheapest I have found in town for the number of sessions! Jesus is a great trainer and holds me accountable! He doesn't beat around the bush and tells me to keep going when I want to stop! Go check him out, I promise You won't regret it!"
Andrea M.
"Master Jesus’s approach turned my son from a quiet, timid boy to a confident, outgoing young man. One year's training Was like night & day, his self-esteem is soaring. If you tired of watching your kids glued to a video game or computer & would like to see what your children are truly capable of, then JT taekwondo is definitely for you."
Jacinto A.


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