Begin The Journey
to Self-Defense and Self-Discovery

With a combination of tradition & innovation, while emphasizing self-defense & self-discovery – Our mission is to build strength, confidence, & discipline through each vigorous hour of training. 

We pride ourselves on helping our students cultivate their mental and physical strength. Our students are taught more than just kicks, punches, blocks, strikes, & take-downs. 

Students will also learn ways to reduce stress and find inner strength, relaxation & tranquility. 

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Build Confidence, Discipline,
Mental & Physical Strength​

We teach our students martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio. Our high-energy workouts challenge both beginners & elite athletes – helping to build stamina, improve coordination & flexibility, and burn calories.

Come and build muscles with our fun & challenging workouts.

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Self-Confidence, Self-Control

Here we focus on self-defense skills such as Blocks, Strikes & Kicks. 

Our students are also taught something just as important as physical contact, they are taught the value of confidence, respect, and determination – all while building their self-confidence, self-control, and self-defense skills. 

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Self Defense

Learn How to Defend Yourself

Whether you are young or old, no one likes to feel helpless. 

Our self-defense class helps all of our students prepare for unexpected situations – while developing their mental & physical strength. During our course of our class, our students will learn skills in: 

  • Psychological Awareness Skills 
  • Assertiveness
  • Verbal Confrontation Skills 
  • Safety Strategies
  • Physical Techniques

All of these skills learned will enable our students to escape, resist, and survive unexpected attacks.

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Personal Training

Cardio I Strength I Fitness I Weightlifting

Our certified personal trainers are here to help all of our clients improve their fitness, physicality, and their overall health. 

We work with all of our clients to evaluate what their goals are, and what they need to do to meet their set goals. 

Our certified trainers also help with modeling workouts & constructing a workout schedule for all clients.

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